Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson: Pioneer & Defender of Life

As the kids return to school, it brings to mind the need to share parts of our history that the schools choose to ignore. I would like to share about an American treasure from our glorious history. Her name is Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson.

Patriot Gaines


When Millard and Guthrie Jefferson decided to have their one and only child, they must have hoped, like all new parents, that many opportunities lie ahead for him or her. As part of the exclusive fraternity of parents, a universal hope is that you can provide more for your child than you had for yourself. Along with this, you hope to leave them with a better world than you had when you first entered.

But the chance to achieve greatness, or even minimal prosperity, must have seemed slim. This was East Texas, circa 1926. A young, black couple in the Jim Crow South about to give birth to a baby girl. But Millard, a Methodist minister, and Guthrie, a school teacher, did not bank their lives on chance, but faith. Black families in these parts were centered around traditional values. And despite the challenges, many black families stressed the…

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