Chris Gaines

Patriot Gaines Picture 11.24.17


Chris Gaines is an author and creator of Patriot Gaines. Since the early 1980’s, Chris spent the better part of his life operating businesses for small, medium, and large companies. He found his greatest success in the hospitality business during that time.

Seeking a change in careers precipitated by physical and health challenges, Chris set out on a journey to reinvent himself through pursuing a lifelong passion of writing. Under the brand of Patriot Gaines, Chris invited friends of a similar persuasion to join him in establishing a platform for contributing quality content through striving for excellence everyday, just as he did in his business life.

Chris was born and raised in Southern California, while spending most of his high school years on the Central Coast near Pismo Beach. After meeting his wife in San Diego, Chris relocated to the Midwest to start his family, as the region was a reflection of his values. After stops in Branson, MO, Winfield, KS, and Rapid City, SD, Chris now lives in the Cedar Valley of Northern Iowa, where he resides with his wife (Jennifer), and his two kids (Patrick & Megan).

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