Chris Gaines


Chris Gaines is an author and creator of Patriot Gaines. Chris learned the values of capitalism early on in life. As an operator/partner/entrepreneur since 1991, Chris found his greatest success in the hospitality business.

Seeking a change in careers precipitated by health challenges, Chris set out on a journey to reinvent himself through pursuing a lifelong passion of writing. Under the brand of Patriot Gaines, Chris invited friends of a similar persuasion to join him in establishing a platform for contributing quality content through striving for excellence everyday, just as he did in his business life.

Chris was born and raised in Southern California, while spending most of his high school years on the Central Coast near Pismo Beach. After meeting his wife in San Diego, Chris relocated to the Midwest to start his family, as the region was a reflection of his values. After stops in Kansas, South Dakota, and Iowa, Chris returned to Branson, MO where he and his wife (Jennifer) started their lives together in 1998, along with his adult children (Patrick & Megan).

Chris remains active in the Greater Ozark Mountains, always looking for opportunities to support charities, causes, and ministries within the community that are in need. His passion for writing in the areas of social issues, cultural, political, historical and spiritual issues, remains strong. Though his love for writing has lead him to write about many other areas of every day life.

If you have a cause, a charity, a biographical, or socio-cultural issue you would like to share with him that he could lend support to, or simply write about to raise awareness, feel free to contact Chris. He’d love to hear from you.

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