In the modern world of corporate media (with it’s never-ending stream of propaganda), broadcasting as one voice that has no room for opposing viewpoints, along with digital and cable television personalities, and thousands of digital content providers, Patriot Gaines is an independent news source and content provider that offers something that is sorely lacking in the world of digital media. Our identity is everyday citizens from all walks of life coming together to share a voice from America’s Heartland.

As citizen journalists, we offer a perspective from ‘We The People’ that is not beholden to a multi-national company. We’re not answering, nor apologizing, to any higher authority on earth for exercising our first amendment rights. Though we all share a similar view of America as guided by our Creator, each of us have something valuable to say as representatives of the people that make up this wonderful country.

Please take a moment to learn more about our contributors listed below. Thank you for your support of independent citizen journalism.

Chris Gaines
Editor In Chief
Patriot Gaines

Derek Cutlip

Mark D. Pendergrass

Jeb Williams

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